Our mission


Celebrate a movement of compassion and plant-based living.


After 3 years of being a successful nonprofit, we changed our name from Milwaukee Veg Expo to MKE Vegan Expo. We updated our look, partnered with UWM Nutritional Sciences Club and changed the event location/date (former location: Hart Park, Wauwatosa). We hope to educate and inspire more people about the benefits of a vegan, plant-based lifestyle. We want to help create a world based on compassion, peace and respect for all living beings.

The 4th annual MKE Vegan Expo welcomes all of you to Milwaukee. We invite you to discover the advantages of plant-based nutrition and the profound impact our dietary choices have on animals, our health and the environment. Be ready to learn new ways to a true, world peace diet and lifestyle.


OUR parent organization:
Citizen’s united for animals (CUFA)

Citizen’s United for Animals, Inc. is a Milwaukee-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization comprised of concerned and compassionate volunteers. CUFA is dedicated to promoting, defending and respecting the inherent rights of all animals to live lives free from suffering, abuse and exploitation. We aim to expose animal cruelty in the farming, clothing and entertainment industries. CUFA also works to rescue and re-home companion animals in the Milwaukee area.




Nutritional Sciences Club at UW-Milwaukee

The Nutritional Sciences Club at UWM promotes wellness through a food first approach. They address hunger issues throughout the UWM community and Milwaukee through volunteer work such as food demonstrations and nutrition education. NSC aims to raise awareness around nutrition related topics and their motto is: eat well, move daily, and hydrate often!


Meet the Organizers


Rachel Golusinski
Founder / Organizer

Rachel is a nine year vegan, longtime activist and organizer. She began her journey by volunteering at MADACC and protesting with CUFA. Today she is the Rescue Coordinator for CUFA, an organizer for Direct Action Everywhere MKE and she collaborates with animal rights groups. Rachel is one of the hardest working activists in Milwaukee. She’s not afraid to disrupt politicians, speak out for lobsters in restaurants and educate the community about companion animal care.


Sherry Liu
Founder / Organizer

In 2011, Sherry read the book “The Bond” by Wayne Pacelle, a deep exploration of the bond between animals and humans. After reading about factory farming, the heinous treatment of animals and hearing the phrase “they die piece-by-piece”, she became a life-long activist and vegan. Sherry has hosted numerous events presenting notable vegan influencers (with Gene Baur above). She educates and cultivates the vegan seed for ethics, the environment and health.


Anne Temple
Founder / Organizer

Anne has a passion for educating people on the benefits of organic plant-based eating. She believes this lifestyle is crucial to the health of our population, animals and the planet. Anne is a leader for Moms Across America; an organization that raises awareness of toxic exposure and GMOs. She also travels to talk with senators in Washington DC and speaks at Monsanto Shareholder meetings about removing toxic chemicals from the environment.


Jennifer Olenchek
Volunteer Coordinator

Jennifer became vegetarian as a teenager and is now fully vegan. She has 20 years’ experience in non-profit management, communications, community outreach, and volunteer management. Jennifer helped run VegYouth, working with young vegans and student club leaders across the country, and the world. She was also trained as a Food for Life instructor, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine's program that promotes the health benefits of a plant-based diet.


Courtney Chramowicz
President, Nutritional Sciences Club at UW-Milwaukee

Courtney is a senior at UWM majoring in Nutritional Science and is the president of the Nutritional Sciences Club. She has a passion for health, food, exercise and the environment. After graduation, she plans on attending the University of Illinois at Chicago to pursue a master’s in nutrition and become a registered dietitian. Working with the MKE Vegan Expo team has been such a pleasure and she is very thankful for the experience!


Cory DeWalt
Creative Director, CYD Design Ltd.

Cory went vegetarian in 1985 and has committed to lifetime veganism seven years ago. She did animal activism in the 90’s with PETA, volunteered for the Wisconsin Humane Society, WildLife Rehab Center and lives in Milwaukee with her three rescue animals. Cory has a passion for nature, helping animals, living chemical free, yoga, reading about food as medicine and running her own design firm for the last 20 years.


Samantha Draeger
Live Streaming Host

Samantha went vegan 9 years ago after watching an episode of Whale Wars on Animal Planet. Since then, she's been exploring veganism across multiple industries and 2016 she traveled to India to explore the ethical dilemmas of the fashion world. After her experiences in Asia, she made her way across the U.S. to speak about bringing veganism to the runway. She's now made a home in Milwaukee and recently founded Dirty Co, a wellness business based on vegan values. She's so excited to be playing the host for Facebook Live on event day- and can't wait to experience another amazing Milwaukee Veg Expo!